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Lights, Camera, Voxn.   The long wait is finally over. Our Fall Fashion Show is only one week away. Voxn is ecstatic to put on this event. In fact, we are excited enough about the show to give you a preview of what will happen through this post. We can’t wait to see our work and passion for this event become a reality.   Doors are going to open at 7:00. This is a perfect time to save a seat or perhaps grab a drink and some ice cream from The Stil. There will be other businesses present as well...

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 Thank you to everyone who came out to support Voxn Clothing on our Grand Opening. It was a great night filled with lots of fun and lots of success! We were so happy to meet so many people in Boise. We are so happy to be here and we are happy that you are too! We have lots of events coming up and we want you to be a part of them! Make sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter pages for all of the details. Our first upcoming fashion show is Saturday, October 14th at 8pm. Come...

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What sets Voxn Clothing apart from other brands? Did you know that every brand sold at Voxn Clothing is a sustainable, eco friendly brand and donates to a world cause? This means that the supply chain of every brand is monitored to ensure that workers are treated fairly, paid fairly, and given proper breaks. Every bag we carry is vegan leather and every makeup that we offer is cruelty free to support the proper treatment of animals. Most of our brands donate to a further causes ranging from supporting 3rd world education, helping domestic abuse survivors in our own country,...

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