Moving Boise One Design at a Time

Twentysomething Sportswear Industry Designer Erica Becker moved to Boise and brought her sophisticated, technical skill with her to create Boise's well known athleisure brand Voxn. Voxn Clothing is the fastest growing women's technical clothing brand in the Northwest. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Voxn Clothing opened their flagship showroom floor in the heart of downtown summer of 2017.

Conceived as an online boutique, and with much love from its patrons, Voxn Clothing grew into the blooming lifestyle brand it is today.  Today, the Voxn Flagship home of the most stylish garments found in the inter-mountain west, centering on its own designs, the Voxn Label. To date, the Voxn apparel label is distributed throughout the U.S. found on the sunny side of more than 100 stores and growing. 

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downtown boise store

778 W. Broad St.
Boise, Idaho 83702

United States


Mon - Sat, 11am - 8pm
Sunday, 10am - 3pm