There are a lot of Boise clothes, but non like Voxn Clothing. Voxn Clothing is a label that is designed right in Idaho by industry designer from ISU that went to work for the design teams of Obey, Asics, Oakley and companies in Hollywood. Now in Boise, the Voxn designer is passionate about outfitting the lifestyle of women here in Idaho. 

When Can We Expect to See Voxn in Stores?

The Voxn "Urban Terrain" Collection will be released in Fall of 2018. Most of my experience is in the sportswear industry and you can expect to see styles that outfit that active, outdoors woman. The Voxn collection will be available at the bodo shop location next to the bodo movie theater and in numerous stores around Idaho. 

What is Your Inspiration Behind Your Designs?

Less is more. I have always been a fan of clean, utilitarian style. I am not an extremely complicated person and I don't design that way. I love classic pieces that are made from the best fabrics and have unique details that make an experience for the woman wearing a garment. I love being in nature as my inspiration and that seems to happen a lot since my partner is a scientist. 

Can Other Stores Carry Voxn?

We have opened up our clothing brand for wholesale in Idaho. Other stores can carry our brand if they qualify. They can always reach out to our wholesale team at The Voxn brand is carried in stores in California, Oregon and Iowa currently. We are happy to open up to Idaho since we originated here in Idaho. 

What Does Voxn Mean?

Voxn has a lot of different meanings. Because Voxn was founded in Boise, Idaho's Treasure Valley, we like to be known as the Valley of Extreme Nature or Voxn. But it also means to be a strong and sexy woman. You can be mentally strong or you can be physically strong. 

Why the Flower Logo?

When people think of Idaho they think of the obvious tree. Voxn isn't obvious. The woman we dress is adventurous and mysterious. You have to go looking for her like a flower in a dense forest. She's that extra detail in a sea of sameness and she's beautiful.

The Voxn Clothing Label will be hitting stores in Fall 2018. Stay tuned or contact us for more details on how your store can embrace Idaho Designers. 



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