Yoga is a great way to start any day because we get to stretch our muscles, practice our balance, and clear our mind to get set for the day ahead. These are all ways to help improve our coordination, flexibility, and muscular endurance and can be beneficial for any age or fitness level. Yoga is meant to be a slow, calm, and quiet practice of exercise to help manage stress levels and set the mind to have a positive and productive day. 

Practicing yoga can be a great way to bond with your family Christmas morning and become a holiday tradition that everyone will look forward to. Get your family excited to practice yoga by including yoga clothes, a yoga mat, or a clean soy candle. Help your family members and close ones feel more inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle by providing them with necessary tools and resources. 

Below is a written quick 7 minute yoga practice written with pictures provided here for the whole family. First, open your windows and allow fresh air and sun-light to come through. Next, turn off any electronics and exclude any noise. Have a quiet and calm environment. After that, light a clean fresh soy candle for everyone to smell. Finally, turn on relaxing music at a quiet volume. Now, you are ready to begin!

30 seconds, slow, alternate legs, march, bring knees up to chest, keep tall posture, arms straight out to the side

Big deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth 

15 seconds, balance on right leg Arabesque pose

15 seconds, other leg, Arabesque pose

15 seconds, balance on right leg Tree pose

15 seconds, balance on left leg Tree pose

30 seconds, straddle stance bent forward, arms hang heavy, head down

15 seconds, lunge stance, right leg in front, close to straight legs, bent forward

15 seconds, lunge stance, left leg in front, close to straight legs, bent forward

30 seconds, standing forward bend, feet together, head down

30 seconds, half standing forward bend, hands on your knees

30 seconds, Butterfly pose, gentle pressure on knees pushing down, tall posture

30 seconds, Bow pose

30 seconds, Camel pose

30 seconds, Cobra stretch

15 seconds, Cat stretch

15 seconds, Cow stretch

15 seconds, Cat Stretch

15 seconds, Cow stretch 

These yoga moves are great for any age or fitness level because they are simple yet challenge the neuromuscular system while building strength, improving coordination and increasing flexibility throughout the body. These 7 minute stretches are meant to perform slowly with a quiet atmosphere and calm mindset. This is a great way to bond with family members while creating healthy traditions and living an active lifestyle. 

Happy, Healthy, and Active Holidays,

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach 

The Outdoor Athlete Club


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