Voxn Clothing is designed in Boise, Idaho. We opened our first flagship on August 4th, 2017. We are thrilled to be in Boise and put together a common question and answer. 

Is Voxn a Chain?

No we are not a chain, although, that is very sweet! We are locally owned, locally designed and locally modeled. Voxn is dedicated to growing the fashion industry in Boise, Idaho and providing opportunities for others looking for experience in the fashion field. 

What Does Voxn Mean?

Voxn has a lot of different meanings. Because Voxn was founded in Boise, Idaho's Treasure Valley, we like to be known as the Valley of Extreme Nature or Voxn. But it also means to be a strong and sexy woman. You can be mentally strong or you can be physically strong. 

Where is Voxn Made?

Voxn originally was all hand made by our designer. As our store has grown, so has the demand for pieces that need to be made. While we still make items in our store, Voxn is now produced in larger quantities. While all the design work is done in Boise, Idaho, we outsource our production in Boise, in the US and around the world. 

Who is the Designer?

The Voxn designer, Erica Becker, comes from the sportswear industry. Growing up with a professional seamstress as her mother in a small town in Iowa, she started gaining experience in the industry at a very young age. When Becker was 18 years old she was working a Nordstrom's Online Clothing Stores Technology Hub when she was scouted as a fit model and later received Nordstrom's Passion Award in 2010. She attended college at Iowa State University for Apparel Merchandising and Design and went on to intern at Obey Clothing, later working on the design teams at Asics, Oakley and under major film producers in Hollywood. Once she moved to Boise and was inspired by the lifestyle, Voxn was born. 



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