Gift giving can be fun because you get to pick out a random gift, wrap it, and share a special moment with the person who receives it. There are so many options out there to choose from when it comes to purchasing an item which can add some stress to gift shopping. It can be difficult for people to make healthy lifestyle choices simply because they do not have the proper tools or resources to do so. Give a meaningful gift this year to a close one that can improve their overall health, body function and daily choice to stay active. 

Foam Roller: Tool used to help with muscle soreness and tightness, increase flexibility and range of motion in joints when used properly, improve blood flow throughout the body, also used to relieve headaches and joint pains

Resistance Bands: Tool used to increase strength in muscles, improve joint stability and function, easy to use at home, improve posture and core strength

Measured Water Bottle: Tool used to improve hydration, measurement guide to stay on track throughout your day, sleek style to fit into backpack for travel

Mask: Item you need to exercise anywhere to keep yourself and others safe, wearing a mask while training improves lung strength, cloth masks are bio-friendly and easy to wash

Light Jacket: Item used for layering purposes, light material is best for sweating and absorbing heat, easy to tie around waste and carry with you

Legging and Sports Bra: Items worn for workout to absorb sweat, provide comfort during versatile movements, light and easy to clean

Gym Bag: Small and versatile, stylish and sporty, easy to carry, fits all of your gym essentials, hiking bag, durable material

Wireless Headphones: Over the ear style to provide support through versatile movements, wireless to eliminate any wire problems and distractions, easy to carry, connect to bluetooth, enhance exercise experience while listening to your favorite music or podcasts

Fitbit: Tool used for exercise measurement, measure heart rate, provide exercise log, track activity and sleep, set activity goals based on personal demographics, enhance overall health and activity if used properly

I love these exercise tools because any age or activity level can find them helpful throughout their daily exercise routine. Sport medicine and rehabilitation tools such as the foam roller and resistance bands can enhance the overall function in the body by increasing strength and stability in muscles and joints. Having these tools accessible can help to make healthier lifestyle choices and stay in an active daily routine. 

Give meaningful gifts this year that will provide your special person the tools to improve their body functions in order to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.   

Happy Holidays, 2020

Elizabeth Heald

Health Coach and Personal Trainer


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