I think we all can agree how crazy of a year it has been from new challenges with our jobs to losing our favorite workout spots. Whatever this year has brought to you, it is important to stay positive by being thankful for the simple things like hot coffee in the morning or a joyful phone call to a family member.

While there are so many great things to be thankful for in our everyday lives there is no doubt that any new changes or unfamiliarities can lead to stress. Learning how to balance a healthy exercise routine during a stressful time of life can improve happiness and decrease loads of stress on the body.  

Recall a time when you were completely at rest, other than when you were asleep, and how your mind and body connected. Your memory could be of when you were sitting in a warm bath smelling your favorite bath bombs for an hour without interruption. Or your memory could be when you were playing frisbee for a few hours at a time with your buddies. Hopefully when you ask yourself to think about these happy memories, you are able to enjoy it with a smile on your face and hold on to that feeling. 

People can go through a variety of experiences and mixed emotions throughout their day which often lead to stress. It is important to have healthy hobbies in your life like nature walks, journaling, reading, dancing, ball throwing, climbing, and more! Having an activity that allows you to practice connecting your mind and body can alleviate tension and stressors within your body. Activities that allow you to use different senses like hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, and touching can enhance your mood and help to alleviate stress. So, find yourself a comfy beautiful dress and schedule yourself a 20 minute dance party at your living room after a long day without any distractions.

Of course you do not have to throw a dance party if it is not your forte, but truly having that positive outlet scheduled into your daily routine is a great start to maintaining inner peace. Exercise is the healthiest way for your body to relieve stress but staying motivated to exercise can be thrown off by stress as well. It is important to have multiple techniques to enhance your atmosphere such as aromatherapy and the effects on your mood when lighting a delicious candle in your space. 

Lastly, think about how much time you may spend scrolling through social media when you are bored. Women and men who spend more time on social media often are less happy because they are constantly living up to these super high standards. Getting too involved with other people's lives on social media can reduce your self-esteem and take away personal happiness. Find positive accounts that can inspire you to make healthier lifestyle choices with clean recipes, workout routines, and fun travel ideas. 


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