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Tis the season of love. Valentine's Day is officially Date Night in Boise. What do your Valentine's Day plans look like? We live in a time of self driving cars, 3D printers and pet hotels. Needless to say, technology is everywhere--even on Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day we are going to harness this ample technology by taking you on a virtual date to help jog some ideas for your plans. The first stop on our digital date... (que colorful swirls and cool sound effects) Voxn Clothing For this date, we are going to need to dress casual, yet stylish. Stop...

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Boise is growing and is growing fast. There is no denying that. The coolest part is that so are the opportunities and there are some pretty cool things happening all over the metro! One of the coolest changes to Boise is the development of the Bodo Fashion District located in Downtown Boise. The Bodo Fashion District is your shopping and dinning destination. There are many great store like Loft and White House, Black Market. What makes the Bodo Fashion District so unique is that this area is the hub for all of the best apparel and accessories that are designed...

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Lights, Camera, Voxn.   The long wait is finally over. Our Fall Fashion Show is only one week away. Voxn is ecstatic to put on this event. In fact, we are excited enough about the show to give you a preview of what will happen through this post. We can’t wait to see our work and passion for this event become a reality.   Doors are going to open at 7:00. This is a perfect time to save a seat or perhaps grab a drink and some ice cream from The Stil. There will be other businesses present as well...

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