I am always on the search for new hiking and workout gear that suit my movements and environment. I like to think of VOXN Clothing as an athlete’s closet because of the durable, movable, and fashionable styles it provides. I spend more than fifty percent of my time in the gym either training others to help them reach their goals or working out myself. 

Because I have such an active lifestyle I like to keep fresh and clean clothing to wear where I can be professional always ready to move! I found the VOXN Weathered White Jacket online and have really enjoyed the product. It has a wind-breaker material which is much needed to hike here in Colorado. The jacket is light and easy to layer with and tie around your waste if you get warm. 

I personally love the White clean color of the jacket to pair with a bold pair of leggings when I head into the gym. The all White with Black zippers looks really has a fresh and professional look to it. The perfect touch to this jacket is the Black bow in the middle that allows you to adjust your jacket to a comfortable fit. I personally love anything with a bow because it is a great way to add your a little sassy to any outfit. 


To staying active and healthy all 2021!

Thank you for reading,

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach

The Outdoor Athlete


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