It is officially that time of year we've all been waiting for. One of the most exciting parts of the season is getting to transition your wardrobe into fall fashion.  Read more if you're interested in our top fashion and photography tips to try out this season.

A very popular aesthetic this fall season is Dark Academia. This aesthetic comes from classic literature, writing, poetry and the arts. Dark Academia fashion consists of lots of plaids, dark browns, greys and blacks. Similarly, Light Academia is rooted from the same subculture, but instead uses a lighter color palette. 

Shades of Brown

The color brown is everything this season. We love this because brown is a very versatile color to style and is flattering on everyone. Another reason why we think you should hop on this color "trend" is because we don't think it will be going away anytime soon. Brown is a neutral and therefor can be used in your closet to style outfits for yeas and years to come. Read this blog post to learn more about ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Boots! Boots! Boots!

  • Combat boots
  • Riding boots
  • Booties
  • Loafers


Mixing of patterns 

Add some dimension to your look by intentionally mixing patterns. For example, a plaid flannel could be worn with a slightly different plaid skirt and black-plaid tights. 


  • Graphic T-shirt
  • Turtle neck
  • Collared shirt layered underneath a sweater

Dress it up

Whether it's a date night an outing with friends, it's never a bad idea to wear a dress. Plaid dresses are very big in fall. One of my favorite outfits for the pumpkin patch is a plaid long-sleeve baby doll dress styled with black tights, booties and a beret.


  • Corduroy jacket
  • Trench coat
  • Shacket
  • Teddy coat
  • Oversized cardigan


  • Tights
  • Knee-high socks
  • Blanket scarf
  • Belt
  • Purses
  • Jewelry
how to take amazing photos at the pumpkin patch
To help you get your best photos this year, we have made a list of our best photography tips: 
  • Plan your visit in the evening before sunset or in the morning after sunrise so you can get the best lighting. The closer you are to high noon, the more harsh the lighting.
  • Have some poses planned in advance: for example, use a pumpkin as a seat and pose by holding another pumpkin by your face
  • Pick out colorful pumpkins!
  • Use your accessories as props to play around with when posing. For example: Pose by adjusting your hat or headband.
  • General photo tip: When taking a picture, you don't want to have a lot of negative space below the subject. To avoid this, frame the subject so their feet are always at the very bottom of the picture. 
  • Seek out different areas of the pumpkin patch to have a variety of backgrounds. For example: Pose in front of the haystacks or sitting on a rusty pickup truck. 

These are our favorite spotted trends and photography tips to prepare you for your most festive season yet! Try them for yourself and tag us in your photos with #AnOutsidePerspective



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