In-person events and fashion shows have re-entered the chat. Although attendance and these events has been smaller, the fashion is bigger and more daring than ever before.

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Photo credit: Chezney Shulz

What could be the reason for this? Like many other creatives, fashion designers have really taken their time during the past chaotic years and drawn inspiration from the chaos. Lockdown has forced creatives to really focus on their work and this has resulted in some of the most memorable runway looks we've ever seen. 

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Photo credit: Chezney Schulz

New York Fashion Week

This momentous week in fashion happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. At this series of fashion shows, collections from designers all over the world are showcased. 

This last week, the collections for Spring 2022 were shown on the runway and these are some of our favorite moments:

Runway look, model wearing a green shiny short aline dress with sheer brown detailing that extends past the shoulders and stretches. It looks like it is inspired by a butterfly.

Photo credit: gettyimages

To start off, we are obsessed with this ethereal design by Sienna Li. The collection drew inspiration from beauty in nature and this design in particular looks as if it was constructed to imitate the shapes and colors of a butterfly. 

Runway model in a two piece set that is colorful pastel plaid pattern with a skirt and a blazer that match. She is wearing sunglasses and a belt made of colorful block letters that spell "Moschino"

Photo credit: gettyimages

We HAVE to talk about this Moschino Collection, entitled "Ladies Who Lunch." The creative director, Jeremy Scott, is known for his interesting out-of-the box designs, and this was no exception. The show had a playful garden party aesthetic and many of the looks consisted of 60's skirt suits with explosive pastel colors and cartoon images of children's toys.


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Photo credit: @kateandlauramulleavy via Instagram

This unique design provided an incredible moment when a billowing cape was revealed as the model walked through the wind (see blog cover image). The shape seems to imitate that of a mushroom blooming in nature, which is what is printed all over the material. Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy were the genius team behind this design. The print was drawn from inspiration of their fathers' photographs of mushrooms from the 1970s. 

Woman walking on  a runway with a silver mermaid dress that has cut outs around the neckline that make the shape of a star

Photo credit: gettyimages 

This next look designed by Christian Cowan seems to also be 70s inspired. We love seeing Cowan's dramatic designs and this collection had no shortage of sparkling dramatic moments. Many of the looks in the collection shared this sparkling texture, with lots of bright colors giving the show a disco popstar aesthetic. 

Model walking the runway with a blonde buzz cut wearing an orange jumpsuit with lots of ruffle detailing and a long train that flows behind them over their pants

Many eye-catching looks were shown in Collina Strada's Y2K-inspired sustainable collection. The designer discusses how these busy looks were inspired by the chaos of the current state of our world, and the rest of the collection utilizes even more layering and patter-on-pattern looks. 

Photo credit: gettyimages

Person wearing a low cut sparkly tank top and a black skort. They are also wearing a large black cowboy hat, black cowboy boots and leather black gloves

Another disco inspired look, but this time disco-cowboy. This silver sparkling top and oversized black cowboy hat paired with a short black skort and black gloves was worn by a photographer/creative director named Laquann Dawson in attendance at a NYFW show. 

Photo credit: gettyimages

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(hair and makeup behind the scenes)
Photo credit: Chezney Schulz

Met Gala 2021

An annual fundraising gala attended by the hottest A-list designers, movie stars, politicians, musicians and influencers. The gala is actually a fundraiser for the Costume Institute, which is why it is also referred to as the Costume Institute Benefit. 

This year's benefit was supposed to be held the first week of May, but was of course postponed due to COVID. The theme for the gala was "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," meaning the looks were inspired by true American fashion, and they did not disappoint. There were even some looks with literal political slogans that challenged issues of gender and income inequality.

Drama is one thing you can always count on in the fashion at this event. Here were some of our favorite moments: 

Billie Eilish in a large dramatic nude pink old fashion ball gown. She is wearing classic makeup and a long shag haircut

Photo credit: gettyimages

Billie Eilish was the belle of the ball in this stunning gown, but the best part about this look is the story behind a particular deal made with the designer, Oscar de la Renta. The deal was that the brand would commit to using no animal fur in their clothes moving forward if Billie agreed to wear their design at the Met Gala. 

Classic mermaid srappless ballgown with sparkly detailing and a brown belt that cuts off the waste. There is a train that is a sheer nude color and cloves that are brown with the same sparkly details at the top

This stunning Dior gown was worn by actress Yara Shahidi, a tribute chosen to honor the legacy of Josephine Baker, an iconic French-born entertainer and political activist. 

Photo credit: gettyimages

Lil nas x in three different looks. The first is a long train golden cape that looks like it came from royalty. The comes off to reveal a golden armor full body suit. Lastly the suit cracks open to reveal a black slim bodysuit that has golden bedazzle detailing covering every part.

Photo credit: gettyimages

Lil Nas X had his Gaga moment with this dramatic two-part reveal. He chose this elaborate look to symbolize how he has really come out of his shell this year. 

Singer and pop icon olivia rodrogo in a black all-lace jupsuit that has black feather off the shoulder details covering the breast area. She is wearing long diamond earrings and extremely tall black platform heels

Photo credit: gettyimages

This Gen Z pop star showed up to her first Met Gala in a punk-inspired black lace jumpsuit with off-the-shoulder feathered sleeve details, designed by Yves Saint Laurent. This look was perfectly styled with minimal black eyeliner and long silver earrings that tied the look together. 

Barbie Fereirra in a pearl encrusted gown shopping in boise boise apparel womens clothing stores near me, womens fashion near me, womens boutique

Photo credit: gettyimages

Actress Barbie Fereirra also got to experience the Met Gala for the first time, and she did so in a beautiful pearl-encrusted gown designed by Jonathan Simkhai. This show-stopping look was styled with a couture rosary hair piece, perfectly executing the old Hollywood burlesque aesthetic.

Zoe Deutch in a purple bedazzled gown sitting on steps with purple high heeled shoes. She is posing with her hand holding up her face propped up on her knee. The dress is paired with matching purple gloves

Photo credit: gettyimages

Zoey Deutch dazzled the carpet in a dreamy Versace sheer lavender gown. The sparkling dress paired with her long dark hair is styled is giving Cher vibes, possibly another nostalgic tribute to fashion icons of the 70s. 

 Silver detail mermaid dress with an open back. This look is centered around the artistic makeup. She has a faux spider placed on her nose and is wearing white out contacts to give a spooky effect.

Photo credit: gettyimages

Lastly, another Euphoria star, Hunter Schafer slipped into an "alien alter-ego" for her first time at the Met Gala. This futuristic silver dress styled with the chilling makeup will go down as one of the most memorable Met Gala looks of all time. 



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