If you read in my previous blog post, moving to Boise was not in the original plans. You see, when I was young I worked with my mother who was a special occasion seamstress. She had a shop in our small town and she had a shop in our house. I spent a lot of time at both places helping my mom or just hanging out and talking to her. She has the best stories and advice. 

We would always dream we were big fashion designers in LA and New York. We would hang out in the sewing room for hours on end drinking coffee and just talking about ideas and life. It was awesome. Some of my favorite memories are in that shop.

In addition to assisting my mom at the sewing shop, I worked as a bus girl at a restaurant. I started working when I was 13 years old. My job was fairly easy and I love that restaurant because I loved the people. My boss especially was a huge inspiration to me. She was a strong, free woman. She left Canada when she was 16 years old by leaving a note on the counter at home reading, "Gone Fishing." She then ran away to travel the world and later to the US to start a business. She wore 20 bracelets that she collected on her journey. You always knew when she was coming because you could hear them jingle. I love those bracelets. Talk about an inspiring, fearless woman.

I would spend a lot of my time at the waitress station doodling fashions on a napkin. I would make collections and the really good ones, actually make the clothing and wear it to school. I always showcased my collections to the bartender Linda. She was always so encouraging. I worked there until I was 21. I worked throughout middle, high school and college. That restaurant watched me grow up. 

When high school ended, I made the decision to go to school for design and live out both my mom and my dream of becoming a fashion designer. While I was in school, I landed an internship with OBEY Clothing in their design department and marketing.

The moment I pulled into Irvine I decided to stay in California. I felt an energy pulling me there and it just felt like home. A few months into my internship, I met someone. He would change my life in ways I never imagined possible. We were inseparable from the moment we met. 

I knew he was going to be a very large part of my journey of becoming a designer. I just didn't know how just yet, but I was soon to find out. 


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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