California was where the idea of Voxn Clothing began. At the time, I didn't know it was Voxn, I just knew I wanted more. I moved out to California to accept an internship at Obey Clothing in the design and marketing department. I later landed jobs on the design teams for Asics and Oakley. My experience in the skate, surf, snow industry was developing and I landed a dream job under major film producers in Hollywood. 

I lived in Orange County at the time and I was still technically a student. Moving  for $3000/mo rent was out of the question, so I opted to take the train for $450 a month. 

My new job was amazing. There was glamour, celebrities, models and international travel. I truly felt that I had made it. The only problem was that I was commuting 4 hours each day for work. I loved what I did and I building my network and steps closer to my absolute dream to design of designing on Hollywood film sets. But I knew something would give over time. I was truly struggling with the commute. 

I was on my way back from work on the above ground rail ready to get off at my stop when a man came flying down the steps in a panic. He had fallen asleep on the train and through he had missed his stop. He made a comment in passing that this was the first time he had fallen asleep on the train in 5 years. Then he laughed and said, "You would think I would have moved by now, but I can't."

Talk about putting someone in a funk! I off boarded the train and made the brisk walk to my house to see my boyfriend already home. He was excited, but also different and I wasn't sure why, but he invited me to dinner. I love food, so this was a good move. 

We were eating dinner at our favorite Thai spot when he shared the news with me. He had a job offer in Boise, Idaho. His job was a once in a lifetime opportunity and had a true possibility of saving lives for people in Boise and across the nation. There was potential to truly advance medicine and science. It was star striking and breath taking. He told me he was going to turn it down. 

The next few weeks at work was tough. I was already struggling with my commute. I wanted more in life and the job offer was lingering on me. Deep down, I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I knew what the right thing. Once I got off the train, I marched home and threw open the door.

"Let's go."


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director.


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