Yoga is a beautiful practice of balance of your mind, body and soul. Today, there are very many different ways to practice yoga from bikram to aerial yoga. In all of these practices you will often find there are moves that incorporate inversions. 

What are inversions? An inversion is most generally categorized as any asana when the head is below the heart. This is great for your blood circulation and mixing things up so you don't get into a rut. There are more advanced like headstand, handstand, forearm stand and shoulder stand. Before moving to advanced inversion poses, test the water with poses like downward dog, standing forward folds and happy baby. 

Of course inversions are not for everyone and those with underlying conditions should generally avoid them. If you have underlying medical conditions, have that talk with your doctor to find out if inversion are safe for your body. Above all, listen to your body and what feels right. 

There are many benefits to inversion yoga:

Improved circulation in the body - One of the biggest benefits to inversions is the temporary reverse of your circulatory system. This will allow you to mix up your blood circulation and can assist in moving you blood around in ways to prevent blockage in theory. 

Increase immunity and prevent illness - When you are in good spirits, your wellness can improve drastically due to mindset, motivation and energy.  

Relax - Inversions allow you to relax in a decompressed state and recenter yourself. 

Energize - Give yourself an extra boost while you have your blood flowing. 

Increase core strength - Having good core strength can help with your daily actives for lifting heavier objects and kids while providing protection to your spine and back. 

Improve balance - Inversions help you with balance by improving you mind clarity and ability to focus on your muscles. 

Give us a new perspective - When you are in a calmed mindset you are able to see many things in a new light. This will help you make sound decisions that aren't based on emotions or stress. 

During your next yoga flow, try to incorporate a few yoga inversions and see how they make you feel! Journal your feelings over time and if you begin to see an increase in your mood, consider making it a part of your permeant routine. 

To wellness and prosperity!

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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