So you like a girl and you want to ask her our, but you need some advice on date ideas. We get it, don't worry; we've got you! We may not know exactly who this new potential Mrs. Right is, but we can give you some ideas on where to take her on a date in Boise that she won't forget! Especially for the adventurous, romantic types. 

The Classic Dinner and a Movie

Catching a great movie is always fun if she is into that! After you check out a movie over at the Edwards Theater, you can head out to have dinner to recap on the movie and learn more about each other. Odds are that you and her both like to Netflix and Chill so why not do what you do best?!

Golf Balls and Beers

Even if you're not a big golfer, check out the occasional driving range hits and beers. It's a fun way to get to do something active and you could even work on your swing if you're into that! 

Zip Idaho and Astrology

Why not do something that will give you a little bit of an adrenaline rush? Sign up to do the Zip lines at Zip Idaho. It will be a date that both of you won't forget! I would suggest trying to get dinner after so neither of you toss your cookies, or you could always pack a picnic and eat out in the mountains and then star gaze. (Yes, star gazing is still in.)

Scuba Certified//Date Certified 

If you have gone on a few dates and you know you want to keep seeing this person sign up to take scuba classes in Boise together! No only will you learn a cool skill, you can get an underwater camera to take photos as well. How cool!

Dance, Dance Revolution

If it's a second or third date, take the girl dancing! There are great dance classes around Boise. One that I always stumble on is the Tango dance class that is taught in Solid. It's truly fun and you get to learn together. You can also find some cool activities on 

Space Bar

Girls like video games too! Me personally, this is my favorite idea of a date. I have a naturally competitive side and games are a fun way to exercise that and make for great laughs! A great place to hang out is at SpaceBar in downtown Boise. SpaceBar is a local bar that is all about gaming. You can even get pizza delivered there. (My weakness). 

Head Up to Bogus

Make a day of riding down the mountain at Bogus Mountain! Bogus is great because it's not a far drive so you can easily go for a half or full day. It's snow fun! (see what I did there?)

Take Bikes Down the Greenbelt

The Boise Green Bikes are so fun and an affordable option for having fun and getting around together. There are also awesome places along the river that you can park your bikes and stop to get a bite to eat and a nice cold beer. 

Volunteer Together 

This one depends on the person, but volunteering together for a date is a great way to get out into the community and share you interests in philanthropy! You could volunteer at Idaho Youth Ranch, Idaho Human Society, Zoo Boise or even local homeless shelters. Why not build a relationship of building up others?

Go to a Comedy Show

Who doesn't love a good laugh! If you're into having light hearted fun and giggles check out what shows are going on at the Liquid Lounge, Knitting Factory and occasionally the Taco Bell Arena. 

There are so many different things to do in Boise in general and especially for those date nights. So just call her up already!


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director.


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