Voxn Clothing - Pre Grand Opening of Boise, Idaho Location

A letter from the Owner:


It has been months of hard work and late nights, months of asking questions and getting answers to bring a tailored experience to women when they shop. We are never to old to play dress up and put on shows. The Voxn Clothing teams wants to reignite that passion in every woman. We strive to be involved in the community and involve the community because after all, we are here for you.


Voxn Clothing’s mission is to provide every woman a unique experience of shopping through customer service, fashion shows, and designing our label with you in mind always.  We offer you opportunities to be involved with fashion shows as a guest, model, and as an opportunity to gain experience in the fashion industry.


Voxn Clothing is not just an ordinary boutique, we are an event hub that inspires dreams and aspirations in people of all ages. Our shows will have dancers, music, lights, and the latest trends and designs. We will have treats, social hours, and photos.


Join us on our adventure to make lasting memories in the community because together we grow better.


Welcome to Voxn Clothing and cheers to years of success.


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