Meditation is a key component to a healthy lifestyle routine and can be practiced daily to help ease stress. There are many ways that you can meditate throughout your day that are simple and easy to do. Meditation is practiced by people around the world to keep a clear mind and maintain inner peace. 

One of my favorite ways to meditate is through exercise. People may think of meditation as sitting still and quiet which can be true in some cases. If you are someone like me who is a busy-body, then sitting still for twenty minutes to meditate can be more stressful than relaxing. I find my most relaxed state of mind when I am moving and connecting with my body. 

Take as little as twenty minutes each day to meditate or exercise. You would be surprised with what a quiet walk around the block can do for your mood and energy. Wear the VOXN Wander Leggings Moto paired with the Gracie Jacket for ultimate comfort through every movement. On those days you have a little extra time, continue your meditation and movement by stretching in the sauna, hot-tub, or steam room. 

I personally love meditation in the outdoors to connect with nature and to fully ground myself. Grab your yoga mat and water and stretch in the woods. I love to listen to all the noises of nature around me and I truly feel relaxed and connected with myself and the world around me. Find local hikes and downtown Boise shopping all in the same day. 

Meditation is truly whatever makes you feel at peace within yourself to build your self-relationship and confidence. Plan to set aside time for yourself to meditate and feel connected. 

Much Love,

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach

The Outdoor Athlete 


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