Introduction of Erica Becker - Owner of Voxn Clothing: A Boise Online Boutique

​For starters I would like to say...whew, it is a lot of work to start a business! I have been trying to start a business since I was a young girl. I went through years of trial and error, success and failure, and serious financial problems. I have always been the kid with a million ideas, but no money to do any of them and very little direction. I have literally built myself from the bottom up and managed to work through any hardball that was thrown at me. So for any person out there that has a dream, please don’t give up on yourself. If no one has told you that you can do it yet, I will tell you now. YOU CAN DO IT!  Okay…mushy-gushy stuff aside.
This is my first blog post ever and it is for my newly launched business Voxn Clothing. Voxn Clothing is a retailer that sells brands that have a luxurious aesthetic and a great hand, making them very comfortable to wear.
While I was in school for Apparel Design, I went to Orange County to intern with Obey Clothing. That was very surreal and I made great connections in the industry that created jobs at Asics America, Oakley, and other companies in Hollywood. I have gained great hands on experience in the industry. My long-term goal for Voxn Clothing is to develop my own label that is eco friendly, uses the latest technologies, and is socially responsible.
I am steps closer with the launch of my site and I will continue to get closer to that dream with your support and help. Every purchase that you make and every engagement helps me get there. Thank you for all of your support.


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