HIIT or high intensity interval training is a great way to achieve many desired outcomes like fat-burn or muscle build. A HIIT workout consists of multiple intervals of work with rest time between each interval. The intervals are designed to allow your cardiovascular system to work at a high intensity with short recovery periods to sustain energy. 

Working at a high intensity means your heart rate is elevated with hopes to reach your target or peak heart rate (220 - your age). By reaching your target heart rate, your body is able to burn calories more rapidly, build cardiovascular strength, and improve overall muscular endurance. HIIT workouts are always fun and challenging because you can change up the exercises by adding different moves, intensities, and loads or weights. Enjoy a total body HIIT workout to improve blood and oxygen flow throughout the body to promote better health and wellness. 

Join an energetic and fun HIIT class to learn new ways to challenge yourself and to also learn new exercises and tips from a professional trainer. Applying these exercises and this workout style to your gym workout routine is a great way to improve your coordination, agility, and strength. Keep track of your intervals and rest periods with a timer throughout your workout and to exercise more efficiently. 

Feel more confident and comfortable while performing a wide variety of exercises at the gym in comfy activewear. Stay prepared for your workout routine with women’s yoga clothes and your favorite pair of sneakers. Dress in layers for the gym to stay most comfortable and give your skin room to breathe while reaching those high intensity moments. 

To Health and Happiness all 2021,

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach

The Outdoor Athlete Club


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