It is no secret that the best place for shopping in downtown Boise is in the Bodo Fashion District. The Bodo Fashion District went through it's only struggle as it was establishing itself, but now it is thriving as the shopping destination in Boise, Idaho. We have a lot of international travelers that come through the Bodo Fashion District on their travels through Boise. We decided it was time we put together the ideal Boise Travel Guide to share what our favorite places to chill, eat and shop are. 

We always suggest shopping first. Have you ever went out to eat and then just ended up in a food coma. You don't want to do that here in Boise. There is way too much to do. 



The best place to shop for Women's and Men's clothing is at Voxn Clothing in the Bodo Fashion District. Here you can find emerging designer brands, indie brands and the Voxn brand that is designed in Boise by previous Oakley and Asics Designer and distributed throughout the nation. 


Dinning is tough because there are SO MANY good places to get in Boise and I am a major foodie. It's true. I would say it depends on the mood you are in. If you are feeling a little more upscale you will want to head to Chandler's or Barbacoa. If you are feeling more grass rooted you will want to check out Bardenay's or Bitter Creek. All of these restaurants have an amazing food selection, craft beers and mature wines. 


The Edwards Movie Theater is alway showcasing the hottest new release movies. Voxn Clothing often has fashion shows that showcase the season trends. They are accompanied by live music and dancers. It's a great time. If you are looking for a more romantic and culture connection, check to see if the Ballet is performing while you are here. Finally, The Egyptian Theater is a great place for live musicals and plays. You can't go wrong with any of these. 

Dessert ;P

Hands down the best place for a frozen dessert is at The Stil. The Stil is known for their idaho-made ice creams, cookies, brownies, etc. If you are feeling more daring, check out their booze infused ice creams. They are delicious and pair nicely with their great selection of wines and beers. 


We hope you enjoy your time here in Boise. If you have any questions during your stay, you can always ask a local. The people around here are generally really nice. Or you can stop in and ask us about the city. We love to give suggestions. 

As always, thanks for reading.

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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