Best Boutiques/Stores in Boise - Voxn Clothing, Proof Eyewear, Rooney Mae in Bodo Fashion District

Boise is growing and is growing fast. There is no denying that. The coolest part is that so are the opportunities and there are some pretty cool things happening all over the metro! One of the coolest changes to Boise is the development of the Bodo Fashion District located in Downtown Boise. The Bodo Fashion District is your shopping and dinning destination. There are many great store like Loft and White House, Black Market. What makes the Bodo Fashion District so unique is that this area is the hub for all of the best apparel and accessories that are designed right here in Boise! The best places are Voxn Clothing, Proof Eyewear and Rooney Mae. 


Voxn Clothing is considered of the best boutiques in Boise. We are extremely grateful for this since we haven't been open for a full year yet and are truly just getting started and have so, so much in store for you. 

At Voxn Clothing we are more then a boutique, we are a passionate staff that is dedicated to problem solving and empowering our guests. We are here to serve you and meet your style needs. We take every comment into very careful consideration for our collections and our store designed brand. We design in Boise and we design for the women of Boise. 

Our team is dedicated to further education of fashion to keep current with trends so that we can bring you the most up to date fashions that are hitting the large fashion runways, but we focus on still making our style indigenous to Boise. 


Proof Eyewear makes hip wooden eyewear and accessories and is committed to making a difference around the world. The Proof flagship is located in the Bodo Fashion District on 9th and Broad. Stop in to see their hottest shades and to meet the local owners.

Proof's "Do Good" Philosophy supports health and vision wellness around the world. This is extremely important as globalization continues and brings us to our roots of compassion. 


Rooney Mae is the most elegant couture and custom dress maker in Boise. Rooney Mae is in the Bodo Fashion District with the most gorgeous dresses draped in the display windows. If you are planning a wedding, big event or are attending prom. Rooney Mae is where you will want to go for all of your special occasion dress needs.

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director 


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