There are many different ways you can train your body to be in shape and to have optimal level performance. It is important to switch through different workouts throughout your fitness journey to challenge all parts of your body. If you stick to only one type of exercise for long periods of time, your body will adapt and not grow and change in other healthy ways. 

The way you train and challenge your body will show in your performance during your weekend activities and other active hobbies you may have. You can most definitely improve your performance within your lifestyle activities like hiking, cycling, or rock climbing by training throughout your week. Finding new and exciting ways to challenge our bodies will improve the function of the neuromuscular system which allows for comfort throughout our daily movements. 

Group fitness classes are a great way to start or maintain your fitness journey to add a little extra movement and push from a trainer that you may not get in your own personal workouts. Sometimes we just need someone to guide us through a tough workout to check out for the day and zone in on our bodies. Fitness classes are also great to learn new moves and proper techniques for a huge variety of exercises. 

Below is a list of a variety of exercises that could be found in a fitness class or on your own time and their benefits:

Functional HIIT Class: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is designed to fluctuate the intensity the heart must work to burn calories more efficiently in a timely period. HIIT can be included in any workout you perform and is best performed with a timer to control work and rest periods. 

Core: Core training should be included in every workout to build and maintain posture and functional movements. Core classes with a trainer are great because you are able to target a variety of muscle groups within the core for optimal strength. 

Yoga: Taking time to stretch our bodies is the most important part of exercise to maintain flexibility. A yoga class is a great way to dedicate a period of time to focus on stretching out our muscles. Without stretching our bodies and muscles could not grow or function properly. 

Resistance Training: In order to move our bodies efficiently throughout our lifestyle activities we must keep our muscles and bones strong and ready to explode. Resistance training allows our muscles to stay lean and strong to support our difficult hikes or rock climbing. Without the strength to move and our bodies overtime become weak and limber. 

*Talk with a fitness coach to know what your body needs in terms of strength, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory training to enhance your workouts and overall health.*

It is important to keep comfortable shoes that support your daily movements and lifestyle activities to prevent injuries throughout the body. The way your shoe supports your feet and movement can determine your level of performance and function within your body. Shoes that do not support your posture and movement can lead to injury in the ankle, knee, or hips. This can lead to muscular imbalances between these joints and cause poor posture and function. 

If your feet feel uncomfortable because of a specific dress code for work or other harsh obstacles, talk with your doctor to get shoe inserts that you can transfer into any shoes you need to wear. Maintain optimal joint and muscular health so you can stay active and thoroughly enjoy your lifestyle activities and training. After all, proper training to obtain optimal performance within your hobbies will build confidence to be successful for the rest of your life. 


To Health and Happiness!

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach

The Outdoor Athlete


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