Between exploring the outdoors and always at the gym, comfortable outdoor trendy clothing is what makes up my wardrobe. Living an active lifestyle is great because you get to always be on the move and feeling alive. When shopping downtown Boise boutiques look for these few key items to keep in your wardrobe that will leave you feeling confident throughout the day in any environment. 

Key Item 1: Outdoor yoga clothes that feel soft and silky on your skin and easy to layer

Key Item 2: Women's active jacket to protect all of your movements

Key Item 3: Slim shorts that are light and easy to layer and store in gym bag

Keep up and maintain your active lifestyle by taking each day one day at a time. It is important to always set personal goals weekly or even daily if needed to stay on track to living a healthy life. Have comfortable and trendy workout gear made in Idaho stores that will bring you confidence and boost your self-esteem. People who have more self confidence tend to be happier and have more self control with healthy eating and fitness habits. 

Keep working on yourself and practice appreciating yourself more and what you do for yourself every day. 

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach

The Outdoor Athlete Club


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