Calling all sports and fashion enthusiasts! Get ready because this February there is so much to love about Boise, starting with Winter at the Warehouse. Every Thursday in February we are partnering with McU Sports, Stretch Lab, The Warehouse and more to bring you the best deals in Boise. 

In store only, we will be offering 20% off on all purchases. Whether you’re looking to start filling your closet for spring or holding on to the last month of winter, we’ve got what you need!  

McU Sporting Goods will be offering a free (yes FREE) snowboard/ski wax to the first twenty five people to come in…my advice? Show up early! Don’t worry, you can still pay for a winter wax if you don’t make it in time for a free one.

While you’re here, stay for a free stretch demo with Stretch Lab! Don’t just eat a banana and cross your fingers in hopes of not cramping on the slopes, get ahead of it.

Before you leave, don’t forget to stop inside The Warehouse bar for food and drinks as they will be offering an extended happy hour!

Here’s a little history about us and our partners, courtesy of their respective websites, so you understand why we are so in love with this event! 

First, a little bit about our host- The Warehouse. Ten eateries.Two bars. All under one roof. 

Welcome to Boise’s culinary hub; a place that celebrates the entrepreneurs and tastemakers who put Boise on the culinary map. 

We believe that food halls are for shaping tastes, pushing boundaries, and bringing people together. And by people, we mean all people. We’re a marketplace for locals, transplants, visitors and everyone in between. We are defined by the people who make up this city, the passion they have and the possibilities that are to come. 

With a dozen independently owned food and drink establishments under one roof, we invite you to belly up to the bar, grab a bite and taste for yourself.

Next, we’d love to introduce you to McU sports. Mick and Rich purchased Sib Kleffners in August of 1972 at the location currently occupied by Boise Bike, McU Sport’s bike division. Mick and Rich renamed the business combining their two last names, thus we have McU Sports. The business not only included the Downtown location, but the rental and retail business at Bogus Basin Mountain Resort and a location at Vista Village. The business moved from its original location at 814 W Jefferson to the other end of the block where they are now located. At the time this location was occupied by Henderen Furniture. In 1976-77 the interior was remodeled and the storefront is as it is now. In 1979, long-time employee John Klotz bought in as a shareholder of the business. In 1984, Mick McConnell passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The store has employed many over the years, giving kids the opportunity of afternoon jobs and giving them spending money and responsibility. The first employee was rehired from Sib Kleffner's bookkeeper, Jane Miller. She has since retired and lives a great life in Arizona. The second employee was Dave Skinner. Most of you know him as a lawyer and respected teacher. There have been many employees through the years. They have made it at McU University, making a difference, some have moved on to other places in our community or have ventured out finding and making their dreams.

Now, here’s a bit about us. In 2016, the founder of Voxn moved to Boise with high hopes and a desire to design apparel. Quickly learning there wasn't much in Boise for apparel jobs, she set out on a long journey to bring opportunities for herself and others like her who are looking for a career in fashion. Needing a platform to share their voice, the seed was planted--Voxn was born.

What started as a small side project, a computer, and hand-tying tags grew much bigger than expected. In late 2017 our downtown Boise showroom was opened to the general public for business. In collaboration with the local community, a culture of fashion was nurtured and began to bloom. Each purchase you make supports our mission of bringing apparel manufacturing to the Boise community. Each day we are steps closer. 

Voxn, now in partnership with the State of Idaho and local non-profits, has pioneered an industry in Idaho through job creation with on-the-job-training and educational pathway opportunities to advance a career in fashion in Idaho

The Voxn Clothing team values sustainable sourcing and product development practices. Our business adopts a nearly Zero Waste business model. We achieve this through sustainable design practices such as made to order products and recycled fabrics, additionally, we source brands that are eco friendly because our customers deserve the best.

Last, but certainly not least, StretchLab offers one-on-one assisted stretching to enhance your mobility and increase your flexibility so you can move better, work better, play better…. LIVE BETTER!  Our highly-trained Flexologists™ create a personal training plan catered to your body's needs and your goals, and use a contract-and-relax stretching technique that provides a more effective stretch than you can do on your own. Don’t just stretch…. Get Stretched by a StretchLab Flexologist™ and start your wellness journey today!

You thought that was it? Well prepare for the encore because we also have all of these other amazing events on a rolling basis as well as various giveaways for gift cards and Steelhead tickets!

Thursday 2/02

  •  Proof eyewear 
  • Deft Optics

Thursday 2/12 

Thursday 2/19

Thursday 2/26


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