Did you know that Boise is in every major publication from New York Times, Forbes and Sunset Magazine for it's major growth and charming atmosphere? We are seeing major construction, lots of hotels going up and in large increase in people traveling here from all over the world. We love putting together guides on what you can do here when you are in Boise, Idaho. Let's Go!

1) What is fun to do in Boise?

Boise is an active town. Depending on what time of year you are here will determine what you can do for fun. If you are here in the summer you will want to check out the Greenbelt, River Float or the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. Of course, in the winter you will want to head up the mountain at Bogus Basin and try out their snow covered runs, cold beers and warm fries inside. (When in Idaho). When you are tuckered out from a day on the mountain, you can take a ride down on their new rollercoaster. They have a break, but you mind not have to use it you dare devil, you. 

2) Where can I go shopping in Boise, Idaho?

There are a lot of trendy clothing boutiques in Boise, Idaho that are downtown and in the Village at Meridian. We suggest that you check out Moppettogs for the little ones and Voxn Clothing. Voxn Clothing is designed in Boise, Idaho. If you are looking for something that truly has a piece of Boise, you will want to check out Voxn. You can also find the Voxn brand in stores in Idaho and across the country. 

3) Where is a good place to eat in Boise?

Places to eat in Boise are endless! Boise is truly a foodies town which is great for me because I love food! For dinner, you have to eat at Bittercreek! I once met a lady at an airport bar during a layover who was from Hawaii. She told me she makes a special trip each year to eat at Bittercreek. You have to go. For dessert, check out The Stil and all the booze infuse ice cream and vegan options. They are made local and source all local ingredients. Insider tip: It's where to locals go to cool down. If you are like me and you tend to live in the fast land by eating ice cream in a white shirt on a 90 degree day, you can always head next door to Voxn to pick up a new basic or accessory just in case. ;)

4) Best Bars in Boise, Idaho

Okay, so if you are like me, you enjoy the occasional Adult Beverage. You are in the right place! Boise is booming with great breweries like 10 Barrel Brewing, Boise Brewing, Payette Brewing and White Dog Brewing. All of these breweries are amazing, but I am a little bias towards White Dog Brewing. Not only are they close to Voxn, but the dog on their sign looks just like my dog Daught (Dot) AND they allow dogs there. I love going there to relax, play trivia and just have a good conversation. 

I hope this helps guide you to things to do while you are here in Boise! I'm sure you will have fun and then you too will want to move here. ;)


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 



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