Where to Park in Downtown Boise | Downtown Boise Parking Guide

Don't let downtown parking in Boise get the best of you! Life is too short. We are going to share some tips on how to park downtown like a boss!

Parking downtown is not so scary if you know where to go! We are here to give you the best insider tips on places to park. First and foremost, don't only rely on Google, know how to navigate downtown by looking at a map before you drive. This will help you establish where you are headed, knowing the streets and one ways will take the edge off of downtown so you can focus on driving and watching for pedestrians.

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Parking Guide in Downtown Boise

Google Maps, 2019.

Parking in Bodo - 1st hour is free. The movie theater validates. Sundays are Free! 20 min compliment parking. Scout free parking spots! Just a heads up, you may have to parallel park in these free spots. (From my experience, anytime I parallel park smoothly, no one is around, but when I botch it, I have an audience.) If it's a bit of a walk, it's a perfect time to get your steps in! On the colder months, dress to commute. If you need an extra coat, sweater, scarf, gloves, visit us at Voxn. We're here to help. 

Lots - You can pay anywhere from $5 to $20 to park all day in majority of garages in downtown. If you are just headed for some shopping, grub and a movie, if could be even less. Find a list of most of the downtown lots here: https://www.cityofboise.org/departments/finance-and-administration/parking-services/downtown-parking/

Meters Until 8pm in Bodo on 8th and Broad

Meters Until 6pm towards 8th and River. 

Quarters - If you don't want to use the app or if your phone dies, it's good to always have some quarters in your car just in case. This will help you for those quick stops downtown Boise.

Apps - We will need to make a little room on your phone for a few new apps. It will be painless and let's face it, most of your storage is 100's of photos of your dog. I see you. The ultime app tool belt for downtown parking is to download Uber, Lime and Bird. 

Scooters - Need to buzz on over to the BSU game or the concert you're going to? Hop on a Bird or Lime Scooter. You can add your debit card before hand and charge it automatically. Mind you, they charge by the minute as you're moving. 

Uber - $15 to uber two and from might be the least stressful way for you to get to and from downtown. If you are headed downtown for a night on the town, this will be the best way to go regardless. Stay safe out there! https://www.uber.com/

Bus - Boise is growing and one thing we have going for us is the already established bus system! A lot of cities have to play catch up and we already have a very robust system. Maybe taking the Valley Regional Transit is the best option for you and daily fare and monthly memberships are so affordable. Find more here: http://valleyregionaltransit.org/

Biking - We are so blessed to have a bike friendly city and an absolutely gorgeous Greenbelt. (Especially in fall.) Ride your bike down and bring a lock to chain it up. 

Boise Green Bikes - Want to get a little more exercise and enjoy downtown? Get the Boise Green Bikes. 

Shop Online - Maybe you're not a crowd person and still want to support local? You're amazing and the Downtown Business Owner Community is listening. That's why a lot of your favorite businesses offer shopping online and delivery. Just give them a quick Google search and see if they do. 


Come in and see me and tell me you followed my parking guide and I will give you 10% off!

Erica Becker, Creative Director. 





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