Let's talk fashion. No really. Let's talk serious fashion. That is what our blog is all about! We are fashion experts that travel, research and experience different styles and trends so we can bring just the good ones back to you right here in Boise!

Fall is coming! It know it's so hard to believe! One minute ago I was enjoying my ice cream in 100 degree weather in a white shirt (I like to live in the fast lane) and then the next we are getting ready for back to school and seeing light weight coats hit the floors! WHAT!

It's true. Fall is right around the corner and we have scouted the seasons best trends just for you! See our top five fall fashion in Boise trends below:

Gem Tones in the Gem State

Jewel tones are in this season. Prepare to see royal colors of emerald, violet and navy hit the shelves in many stores. 

90's Are Back

We know you know every word to Spice Girls, we don't judge here and you may be happy to know that the 90's is back. Say hello to the inflatable furniture, scrunchies and thick soled shoes. That round brush? Yeah you can use that as your microphone to "Spice Up You Life," Yolo.

Plastic Is In

You read that right. You are seeing clear plastic incorporated in designs on all of the major runways. This could be for just fashion or it could be a political stance on keeping our Earth clean. Do a little research and tell us what you find!

Cowl Neck Sweaters 

There is always something so sophisticated about the cowl neck. Not only does it look classy, it has a utilitarian use for the cold weather and especially those looking to go and play in the show. Check out the designs from the Voxn Clothing Fall 2018 line. 

Open Back Sweaters

You have seen the previous season and continued trend of structured bras and garments that can be worn over them, but still showcase their details. It's in now more then ever. Come check out the sweaters we have with open backs to show off your pop of color or cool bra!


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director.



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