What sets Voxn Clothing apart from other brands?

Did you know that every brand sold at Voxn Clothing is a sustainable, eco friendly brand and donates to a world cause? This means that the supply chain of every brand is monitored to ensure that workers are treated fairly, paid fairly, and given proper breaks. Every bag we carry is vegan leather and every makeup that we offer is cruelty free to support the proper treatment of animals. Most of our brands donate to a further causes ranging from supporting 3rd world education, helping domestic abuse survivors in our own country, offering shoes, meals, to planting 10 trees for every purchase. We source proportionally to ensure we are supporting the global economy, national economy and local economy.


Why is it important to be aware of your purchases and what they are supporting?

Making purchases with other brands that do not practice a sustainable supply chain supports improper treatment down the line. This ranges from treatment of employees, usage of our water supply, and proper disposal. Ensuring your purchases are an ethical product not only holds the company accountable, it holds you accountable. Not to mention that you should be aware of the products that you are putting in and on your body for prolong heath. Learn to love yourself, learn to love others, learn to love the earth.


Why do I care? What is the bigger picture?

 There are many astonishing break trough’s happening in science and there is a lot of exploration and research that needs to be done. As a collected group we can help manage the changes in the Earth by working together and learning to make our hobbies, careers, our way of life environmentally friendly.


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