Finding ways to stay on track can be fun and challenging at the same time. The best way to find what works for you is to listen to your body and what it needs whether it be a rest day or needing more healthy snacks to push you through the busy day. Whatever it is, you must find a routine that works for you where you can be consistent even on more tough days where you finding motivation seems impossible. Routine is needed most when you are having one of those days where you do not want to get out of bed because it pushes you to shift your mindset and push yourself anyways. 

Tip One: Keep a planner that you can have access to monthly and daily calendars to keep your routine goals organized and on track. Start out each month by writing down a couple of goals relating to nutrition and fitness like limiting eating out to three times or spend an extra 20 minutes a day to exercise. You can also write down small goals at the start of each week like spending fifteen extra minutes per day to stretch or which meals you will eat every day. 

Writing down small goals per week is a great way to take small steps toward your bigger monthly or annual goals you set for yourself. Sometimes setting big goals may feel overwhelming especially if you do not know where to start. Plan small steps each day that challenge your daily routine to keep your body guessing and continue to build self-confidence. By writing down your weekly meals and what you can cook at home can help eliminate chaotic and overwhelming meal times. Stay on track better with nutrition and improve your lifestyle eating habits by replacing processed foods with as much real food as possible. 

Tip Two: Keep tools at home that aid in exercise recovery like a foam-roller, essential oils, or a yoga mat for deep-tissue stretching. Having access to recovery tools at home allows you to spend more time to maintain proper body care in your comfort zone. People often lose that mind-body connection that should be made during deep tissue stretching and other exercise recovery when they are in a noisy and crowded environment. Recovery in the comfort of your own home will be something to look forward to where you can also clear your mind and reconnect with yourself by having quiet time or listening to your favorite music.

Tip Three: Surround yourself with people who also enjoy fitness where you spend dedicated time in the gym or staying active through other activities. Close friends that are also active will keep you accountable simply because they want to share what makes them happy and feel good with you. Connect with the people in your circle through fitness and the ability to challenge yourself and always strive to be better. Everyone has their days where they may not feel as strong which is why it is important to have positive people you can turn to that can lift you up. 

Tip Four: Be friendly and social at the gym or out on the trails to continue meeting and connecting with other people like you. You really start to notice who the “regulars” are at the gym or at any other place if you as well consistently spend time there. After time, high five those people you notice a lot and over time get to know them and talk about different fitness goals or workout ideas. You can always look around to learn from other people and different styles of exercise that can be enjoyable yet challenging. Build a little community within your daily activities and connect with people that you see often to stay accountable. 

Tip Five: Follow health and fitness influencers on your social media to keep you in a positive mindset and on track. People spend a great amount of time scrolling through their social media. Take a minute to think about what types of content entertains you and what you find yourself viewing or learning throughout that time. If you are viewing a lot of negativity then that is what you are filling with your head which can lead to depression or anxiety. Find people to follow that influence or push you to be a better version of yourself in any shape or form. Sometimes all it takes to be motivated is an inspirational quote or positive vibe that can push you to get in that workout for the day. The more you can relate yourself to someone who faces the same challenges as you, the more accountable you will be. 


Elizabeth Heald

Trainer, Health, and Nutrition Coach

The Outdoor Athlete


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