I get it. It's hard enough to leave the house or travel with you little fur baby, but then you get somewhere and have a very hard time finding places that will allow dogs. Trust me, I deal with this every weekend. My dog is my baby and she goes absolutely anywhere she can with me and I will base places I go to visit or spend money on if I can bring her there or not. Might be extreme, but if you are like me keep reading for the top places to bring your dog in Boise, Idaho. 

Pre Funk

Hands down my favorite place to go. I love Pre Funk because it generally attracts a crowd of laid back people and your well behaved dogs can be off leash and free. I always be sure to ask other owners first if they are okay with my dog being off leash a a precaution. Usually people are way nice. Pre Funk also has a great selection of beer and canned mixed drinks to enjoy on their patio. 

White Dog Brewing

White Dog Brewing is fairly new, but they have a great atmosphere and allow dogs on their patios. They brew their beer in Boise and I believe they serve food there too. It's a great place to relax and have a cool view of the city line. They also play trivia games there. I am not sure exactly when they all do it, but if you find out, stop into the store and let me know!


I love The STIL. Not only do they have amazing ice cream for us, they take it a step further and have ice cream for our dogs as well. Nothing is sweeter than that. You can get a scoop for yourself, an adult beverage and a little treat for your fur baby. It's a one stop shop. If you haven't, be sure to try the cali creaming ale that they have there. It's brewed right in Nampa, Idaho. One of my favorites!

A final suggestion is to check out a website that is called BringFido.com. I am not sure how up to date all of those businesses keep their listings on there, but you can always call and ask to double check. Have fun!


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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