Oh What Fun! Fashion Show

Our most recent fashion show, the Oh What Fun! Fashion Show was a magical night that consisted of goodie bags, beer and wine from The Still, many performances, and the latest winter fashion from Voxn Clothing. Located in the heart of Boise, Voxn Clothing closed the store early on December 16th, 2017 to put on a show that was unforgettable.

For this fashion show we partnered with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance to truly bring the spirit of the season to our show and the hearts of all those in attendance. With every ticket purchased 10% of those sales were donated.

The night began with an amazing performance from one of our very own models, Sam Lyon singing Santa Baby. There was also a dance performance by best friends Nick Ross and Nate Imongie. Kelby Shields gave a moving speech about the Women's and Children's alliance and shared a letter that the Women's and Children's alliance received from a woman they helped years ago. The fashion collection had festive but timeless pieces that were modeled by local Boise models. 

Model: Carli Keith, wearing: Caramel Coat & V-Back Basic with Olive Pants

Model: Katie Harrup, wearing: Cargo Vest & Cozy Feels Sweater

Model: Cheryle Teague, wearing: Cold Dream Sweater with Thermal Leggings

Model: Sam Lyon, wearing: Stripe Puff Out Sleeve with Dark Denim

Model: Kennedy Gelnette, wearing: Cinnamon Weave sweater with Dark Denim

Model: Amber Stone, wearing: Velvet Crush 

Model: Jasmine Dorris, wearing: Latte Morning Dress with Flowing Floral top

 Model: Kim Borup, wearing:  Joanne Top

Model: Glenna Watson, wearing: Burgundy Vest & Falling Top

 The fashion show was a great way to end the year, showing everyone that joined us our favorite styles for this season. Come stop by the store in downtown Boise to find the perfect piece for your next outfit, everything we have is also available online. We hope to see you at our next event!


Kelby Shields     Jasmine Dorris     Carli Keith      Ahdrie Wright     Kim Borup

Glenna Watson     Amber Stone     Katie Harrup  Kennedy Gelenette     Tori Costello 

Sam Lyon     Candis Standridge     Valerie Rose   Beth Camp

Special Thanks To:

Kelsi Edwards      Jasmine Dorris       Cheryle Teague 

Sam Lyon      Nate Imongie      Nick Ross 


The Stil     Women's and Children's Alliance     Idaho Candy Co.     Voxn Clothing


Come visit us at:

778 W. Broad St. Boise, ID 83702




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