It's that time of year again and you may be asking yourself, "What do I get my mom for Mother's Day?" We are here to help you figure out some great gifts and fun activities to do with Mom in Boise, Idaho. Of course you want to make sure that you bring your mom to the best places on Mother's Day. 

The Top 5 Mother's Day Ideas

Mom Loves Candles

You know when the weather is swaying towards spring and it's time to open your windows after a long winter and let that fresh air in? Nothing compliments that more then a new and cozy candle like the ones from Feya Candles. Feya Candles are an amazing brand because they give a free meal to a child in need with every purchase. We carry them at Voxn because we truly support their mission and Mom would too.

A New Fragrance

Mom usually loves to get a new perfume for Mother's Day. You can get her a vegan scent that smells great and is great for her skin and body. Imaginary Authors is a great collection because they use all natural ingredients and they smell absolutely amazing. 

A Shirt that Says it All

You can get your mom one of these adorable tanks. Nothing like saying, "I love you to the mountains and back." If you are a mom to a fur baby, make sure to pick up one of these puppies. (see what I did there)

Mom's on Mimosas

Bring your mom in for some shopping and compliment Mimosa's before you head out to lunch. It's a fun way to shop and you can catch a slight buzz. Check us out in the Bodo Fashion District. 

The Most Comfortable Jogger Pants EVER

Let's face it. Mom like to be comfortable. She doesn't want to fuss with a complicated outfit. She wants to be effortlessly stylish. I recommend our Jogger's. Not only are they a staple item, they are a cotton and spandex blend that will be necessary for the hot summers that are about to hit Boise. Pair with one our our Essential Tanks and a Essential Cardigan. Layering is Caring. Any color combo will be amazing. 

Maybe buying something isn't in the cards for Mom this year? THAT'S OKAY! You know her only request will be to see her, call her, spend time with her. Whatever you do, make her know you care!







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