Ok. Ok. I'm the worst. I don't watch television. I just don't. I have a hard time sitting still and I am always working or fidgeting with something. I have always been that way. Probably why I ended up opening a business. Who knows? When it comes to movie conversations with me, it's like talking to a brick wall. I haven't seen most movies and I don't know any actors (besides the ones I have a total crush on)(I'm terrible because we are next to the theater and I worked in Hollywood). That being said, I FINALLY watched Star Wars and...I really liked it. Surprise! 

Tomorrow is the celebration of Star Wars Fans known as, "May the Fourth Be With You." I am extremely excited about this for a few reasons.

Reason one, it's on a Friday and it's always great when holidays are on a weekend so you can hang out at your favorite night life spot like Payette Brewing or PreFunk

Reason two, I grew up the youngest of 5 in a Catholic family. When everyone would turn to each other to say, "May peace be with you," My sister would turn to me and say, "May the Fourth Be With You." I finally get it. You're funny, girl. You're funny. 

Reason three, you know that you are going to see some pretty awesome costumes tomorrow. The costumes won't be on just people, they will be on dogs too. It's going to be a great sight to see especially at Amsterdam. They are having a pretty rad party.

Reason four, originally I was only going to have three reasons, but four seemed appropriate. We want to invite anyone who is dressed up for this holiday to come in and see us and we will enter you into a drawing to win a Star Wars Battle Drone. 

May the Fourth be with You, Boise. 


Erica Becker

Creative Director



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