The Funny Dude. The Mechanic. The Hero. Dad. 

Father's Day in Downtown Boise has so much in store for all of those families out there. Yeah parking can be a pain, but Dad always spots a parking space from a block away and will find you just what you need. 

While you are downtown for Father's Day you can check out some of the coolest places to eat, places to shop and fun activities going on. Father's Day is a day when you let Dad know that he's pretty cool by just spending time with him because he already has three of that same tool. ;)

Every holiday when I ask my Dad if there is anything that he would like he always says to not make a big fuss about it and to just spend time because that's where the real value is. So that is what I do!

One year, I tried to go above and beyond. My dad said the same thing when asked what to get him, so I took it upon myself to MAKE him something. He knows I love fashion and he always appreciates a nice new addition to his wardrobe. I decided to make him a tie. Not just any tie, but the coolest one that says, "Dad" on it. 

I got all of my supplies and I was ready to create the coolest tie! I worked for awhile making it perfect. Anyone who has worked on a project for a very long time knows that it starts to get easier to make mistakes. I was putting the final details on the coolest tie and just needed to add the letters. I tied the tie on myself and added the letters in the mirror for the perfect spacing and then attached them. I finished the tie and wrapped it in the best box. 

When Father's Day came, I gave the gift to my Dad and he opened it all giddy and starred for a bit and then started laughing pretty hard. Turns out that although the letters D-A-D were perfectly aligned in the mirror, I had indeed put them on backwards. Yup. Not my finest hour. Needless to say he still has that tie and I'm pretty sure he's going to wear it on my wedding day. Cool.

I'll let you know. 

As always, thanks for reading.

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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