Voxn is here for you. We plan on being the company that keeps you updated on all of the latest in the fashion world. With the air getting colder and the leaves falling that means that fashion is changing. Fall trends are exhibiting themselves in an unbelievable force this season. At Voxn, we want to let our readers know some of the more wearable fall trends to try out. Check out our latest fall items in our store or online.


  1. All things red.


You heard it right. Red is the trending fall color this season. Several models were seen exhibiting “Red to Toe” on the runway this year. Yes, they were daring enough to wear the color red in every single article of clothing. For those of you who are on the more conservative fashion side I recommend investing in a charming red purse. Handbags are the perfect way to roll with the trending color without having to purchase an entire red wardrobe.


  1. Artsy Boho Dresses


Styles tend to recirculate throughout the years, and this year designers were definitely getting the boho or bust idea out in the fashion world. There are several options for bohemian dresses out there, but I recommend checking out Voxn’s new Secret Autumn Dress. Pair this stylish boutique dress with your favorite turquoise jewelry and embrace the trend!


  1. Maxi Bags


The bigger the bag the better is the motto the fashion world seems to be following this fall. This trend is very practical for those of you have been considering investing in a larger purse. The most common variation of this type of bag being seen this season is the tote bag. If you don’t want to feel as if your purse is a duffel, try going with a smaller maxi bag. Whatever you decide you will look fearless.


  1. Oversized Knits


Cozy up this fall with an oversized fall sweater. This trend caters to casual dressers. Isn’t it amazing that you can throw on a huge sweater and your favorite jeans or leggings and be considered fashionable? Check out Voxn’s selection of fall sweaters and take your pick.



  1. Cold Shoulder Cut Out Tops


The colder shoulder shirt has made its way past summer season and presented itself in fall fashion as well. If you haven’t tried a cold shoulder top yet, this Fall is the perfect opportunity to branch out. Cold shoulder tops are a perfect way to make any look unique. They can be worn casually or in a dressier setting. They provide a perfect bold statement.


Be fearless this fall. Dress to impress, and always remember to complete every outfit with a smile.


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