Everyone is Getting Hitched! Are You Ready for Wedding Season?

Everyone is Getting Hitched! Are You Ready for Wedding Season?


Wedding season is right around the corner and you may have a list of wedding that you are attending. Make sure you are ready for this memorable day!


Top 5 Tips on How to Prepare for Wedding Season as a Guest:


  1. Know what the wedding colors are. You can often do this, by looking at the invitation. Most couples will keep the theme of their wedding fairly consistent from dress color, napkins, to flyers and invitations.
  2. Get your dress early! Do you ever plan to plan for an event, but you keep putting it off until the last minute and then you just go with what is in your closet? Don’t do that this time. Get your dress early!
  3. Wear shoes that you are comfortable in. It’s also a great idea to wear heals and then bring flats or sandals to dance in.
  4. Less is more. The less you bring, the less you have to keep track of. Put all of your items in a small clutch that can go around your wrist and then that’s all you have to worry about all night. They are an investment!
  5. Bring some extra bobby pins and safety pins. It never hurts to come prepared. If you plan on busting out your newest dance moves in the dress that has an invisible zipper, this could save your day or…that friend that thinks they have awesome dance moves when they drink’s day.


Remember you are going to be around friends and family on a day that is going down in history! Make sure you are ready. Get your dress now.


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