There is a new wave happening in society. We are seeing global changes, new generations stepping into leadership and generational interests are changing as well. This has been a very interesting topic for different industries for some time and now action is starting to take place. During times of change like this, we will see change across the board and now on a global stage. These coming generations will truly be a generation like no other. 

Opening Voxn in Downtown Boise was a very interesting adventure for me for various reasons. One, opening a business is very time consuming and difficult, but it is also different when you are a Millennial boarder line Gen Z. Let's just say that my first big networking event, I was mistaken as a server. You get the point. 

The younger generation, we care about different things, we think differently and we buy differently. 

Comfortable shoes. 

Have you ever walked so much your feet hurt? Maybe from my 9 years of working in a restaurant I've served 1000 too many people, but I DO NOT want to wear uncomfortable shoes. You won't really catch me in heels. (occasionally) I have been in those situations where your feet hurt so bad you can hardly walk. You will NEVER find a shoe at Voxn that will cause pain like that. We don't just care about how something looks, we care about your comfort. 

Get Involved.

With the boom of the internet and access to information, we see large retailer after retailer blasted for their unethical supply chains. We care. You see, what a lot of people don't understand is that growing up with the internet has connected us to more people than ever around the world. The past manufacturing techniques of "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" are no longer working. Transparency is key. 

Avoid Trendy Labels from Past Generations.

We all know the labels. The labels that everyone wore at a younger age because your parent probably dressed you in them. Unless most of these labels have made a major change, you should consider searching for something new that has a story you can connect with. 

Full Athleisure 

Work it! Or should I say, "Work Out"? Athliesure is not going away. After working as a designer from some of the largest active labels, I am so thrilled to branch out and launch Voxn in Boise. I grew up a daughter of one of a high end special occasion seamstress.  I was very tomboy and love doing things outdoors. I could always connect with Athiesure, although special occasion design is my mother tongue, I always gravitated towards my lifestyle.


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 



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