Downtown Boise Shopping Guide - Voxn Clothing Brand

Are you visiting Boise, Idaho or are you a local just looking for places to shop in downtown Boise? We've got you covered! Shopping, fashion, and trends is what we do all day. We have scouted the best places for you to go scope out on a local and nation level! Here are our top three places that are all located in the Bodo Fashion District. 


The LOFT is located on 8th St in the Bodo Fashion District. The LOFT is known for their quality brand that dresses the upscale, yet casual woman. They often have mega sales where you can go and get great deals on times up to 70% off even! You will want to head down and see what you can pick off of their racks. 

White House, Black Market

White House, Black Market is such a great Bodo Shop to have in the Bodo Shopping District in downtown Boise. A lot of people, especially women are in the downtown area for work everyday or they are travel though for work. White House, Black Market it a great place to stop in and find some great quality pieces that you can wear to wear. They often have good sales going on too. 

Shopping in Boise Idaho with Voxn Clothing

Voxn Clothing is one of the newest additions to the Bodo Shops. Voxn is unique because Voxn is locally owned and designed in Boise and also has a presence on a national stage being one of the bigger brands that is designed in Boise and distributed throughout the United States. If you are looking for a good place to get items that are truly from Boise, this is the place you will want to shop. Voxn isn't exactly the tourist shop with multiple graphic tees, but rather a destination for quality pieces that a designed by a local industry designer. 

All of these Bodo Shops are great places to check out. While you are here you will want to stop into the other entertainment and dining shops around and experience all they have to offer. Bodo District is a great place to spend time leisurely, see a movie, grab a drink and just enjoy your time in Boise. 

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 



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