Exercise on a sandy beach can have many benefits to the body mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes you need to get out of those gym walls and allow your workout to be more than just physical. Workouts outside in a beautiful and surreal environment will influence the mind to be more calm and focused on your every movement. 

Not only are you more connected with your true inner-self, but I always tend to connect and appreciate nature more after once I leave. Spend your average 40-60 minute workout under the sun and you will begin to feel full of natural energy. When I practice this, it becomes very spiritual for me and allows me to let go of any inner tension or stress that I may have. 

Stepping into the warm sand along the ocean feels great on my toes and instantly clears my mind. Wear your comfortable workout gear with a chic womens swim cover to throw over. Pair this with a beachy gym bag where you can carry your resistance bands, water, and snacks. I personally like to keep my music soft where I can catch the beat when I need to while connecting to the sounds of the waves in the ocean. 

Exercise in the sand such as cardio training and body-weight movements can improve joint stability and strength while also challenging your neuromuscular system. This is due to the uneven surfaces and pressure absorbance while your weight travels through the sand. If you are a beginner with sand workouts, it is important to start out gentle and slow like a short beach walk or game of frisbee with low intensity. 

I hope you get to travel to the ocean soon and enjoy a nice warm sandy workout!

Thank you,

Elizabeth Heald

Health and Fitness Coach 

The Outdoor Athlete Club


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