There are a lot of cool places to shop in downtown Boise, but Voxn Clothing is the best of boise clothing stores if you are looking for something unique to Idaho. Here's why:

Voxn is locally owned.

As flattering as it is, we often have guests coming into our store asking if we are a chain. We are not a chain. Voxn is locally owned and locally operated by a local couple and has an extremely talented and intelligent team working with them.  

We design the Voxn Brand in Boise, Idaho.

If you are looking to support local Idaho designers, this is your place to go. If you are looking for something for yourself or as a gift for someone as you are traveling, take a piece of Idaho with you. Our designer comes from the Skate, Surf, Snow Sportswear Industry and is bringing her knowledge to develop a brand that encompasses the lifestyle of Idaho. Check it out yourself. 

Voxn provides many jobs for the community and your purchases support that growth. 

To put if frankly, your purchases support job growth in Idaho and specifically in the Apparel Industry here in Idaho. So far there has not been a lot of opportunity for professional experience for people looking to advance their careers in fashion and Voxn is pioneering that. 

Voxn is involved in the community.

Voxn loves to keep it local. We work with all local models, photographers, videographers, etc. There is a lot of talent in Idaho that just needs a place to showcase their skills. We are happy to support that. Aside from that, we love to get involved with charities. We are happy to help with donations, volunteer and even guest speak for other young entrepreneurs. 

All in all, there are a lot of cool places to shop in downtown Boise, but Voxn Clothing is more then just a place to shop, we are a brand that is passionate about fashion and our community and your support supports that mission. 


Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 



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