What is fashion to you?


Some say that fashion is a way to communicate individuality. Or, that style can be a way to show emotion. Your wardrobe can tell the world who you are. At Voxn Clothing, we believe that fashion is the perfect way to express yourself. Being located in Downtown Boise, our customers have the perfect opportunity to wear our clothing in all of the places that downtown has to offer. Walking the streets in Voxn clothing is fulfilling because all of our pieces are individual and unique. Just like you.


Be yourself, Be Bold, and do it all in Boise.


Go Boho in the Grove


The Grove in Boise is one of the liveliest places in the city. There is energy everywhere. Live music fills the streets and the smell of delicious food is always present. This free- spirited outfit from Voxn is perfect to embrace the inner wanderer in yourself. Though the statement in this outfit is subtle, the message it sends is fierce.



Daring Downtown


Pairing black with florals is one of the most thrilling statements. It provides the perfect contrast to a typically girly pattern. This little black dress with our floral cardigan speaks volumes. Find patterns that test your comfort zone. It is the ultimate way to make a bold statement.



Take this Fall season as an opportunity to make statements. Buy something you normally wouldn’t. Wear something that practically can scream. Stop by Voxn Clothing downtown and show us! We would love to see what you come up with.


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