It is no secret that Boise is booming. Boise fashion is on the rise as the city continues to attract top talent and builds it's downtown at an exponential rate.  Boise has been attracting some of the top investors across the nation. All of this is a recipe for success and especially for the Boise, Idaho fashion scene. 

Voxn Clothing started as one of the trendy clothing stores online, but has grown into on of the most well known women's apparel brands emerging from the City of Boise. Voxn is now one of the best clothing stores in downtown Boise with well known brands and the Voxn label that is designed in Boise and distributed to over 50 stores across the nation.

When you are looking to make a trip out to Boise and are hoping to visiting clothing stores in Boise, Idaho, be sure to swing into Voxn Clothing and see all of the newest styles inside our flagship store.

Voxn is growing extremely fast. Follow us as we build our team with the best talent in the area, open new locations and open our design headquarters in downtown Boise. We are always looking for the best, hardworking, career minded individuals to join our team that want to see the brand bloom. Get the latest story on our fashion boutique blog. 



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