April is my favorite month. Not only is by best friend's name April, it's a month of rainy days. Rain can seem dreary to some people, but there is nothing better then a fresh rain.  The saying goes, "After every storm is a rainbow," and of course, "April showers bring May flowers." This year, April showers are bringing Voxn Flowers and lots of them! Check out our eclectic collection of floral prints that are right on trend and available in Voxn Clothing's downtown Boise boutique.


Summer Love

Floral prints are romantic and appropriate for that wedding that you are planning on attending this summer. We promise you won't steal the show from the bride, although you will be close. ;)


The One that Got Away

Oh that vacation that you have been planning and packing for months for? We've got you. This beach ready beauty is the perfect summer look for those Instagram worthy photos! If you are one that likes to catch and flights and not feelings check out Scotty's Cheap Flights and Airbnb for some killer deals. No, I don't get paid to share those links. I've been ballin' on a budget too. You can thank me later. 


Ropin' the Benefits

So it happened. He finally asked you out on a date. We are so happy for you! Pair this show stopper with some cowgirl boots for that bonfire pregame followed by a night at Amsterdam Lounge in Downtown Boise. He will for sure call you and ask to try that second date. Maybe because you threw up on his shoes. (It's okay! We won't judge you.) Regardless, you roped him!


Sandy Cheeks

A Boho Summer is my style. I love being at the river with a fishing pole, a nice cold drink, my favorite sandals that don't hurt my toes and a cute dress over my swimming suit

Author: Erica Becker, Creative Director. 


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