With Valentine’s Day coming right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about some date ideas for your significant other or friends. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for people who are in love. I personally love to use holidays as an excuse to bake healthy treats and have a personal date in the outdoors. There are many ways to be creative with food and activities all while being active and healthy. 

Take a stroll through downtown Boise, Idaho with a warm drink and fun company. Not only are there various shopping and cute boutiques to explore, but also beautiful scenic views that surround the city that add to the experience. If you love a night out on the town, get dressed up in a beautiful Dream Girl Dress that will leave you feeling confident for the whole evening. 

Connect with nature on Valentine’s Day by having an outdoor adventure with your significant other. Whether this be a mountain high hike, bike ride, or picnic, the quiet and calm of nature will allow you to connect and communicate on a deeper level. Steer away from those “normal” dinner dates where you are surrounded by walls and other people. Throw on your warm outdoor women’s yoga clothes and enjoy a quality nature date. 


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