5 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Stylish and Affordable

5 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Stylish and Affordable


Not all of us have the money to drop on new clothes all the time, so I wanted to share ways to keep your wardrobe stylish, affordable and what to look for when you shop.


  1. Stay Classic - One great way to keep your wardrobe current is to buy pieces that are classic colors. These colors are black, white, grey, and nude. These colors are great because they are always in style and can be paired with accessories that have the latest season colors to give you that on trend look.
  2. Staple Pieces - When you are shopping, you can never go wrong with stocking up on staple pieces. Staple pieces are those pieces that everyone has in their closet. For example, most people have black slacks and a black dress in their closet. Those are great pieces to have because they don’t go out of style.
  3. Accessories - If you want to save on shopping, you can always update your wardrobe at a price point that is more obtainable from season to season and that is in accessories. Say the color of the year is a natural green, you can stock up on makeup, jewelry, nail polish, belts, hats and scarves to pair with you staple items without breaking the bank!
  4. Quality - When you are buying pieces, it best to look for quality garments that will hold up through more washes. You can tell if they are quality garments by looking at the strength of the stitching, how the seam allowances are finished, and the hand (feel) of the fabric. Also, read the care label instructions to know how to properly care for your garment. If you have a very busy and hectic lifestyle, it could be in your best interest to stay away from garments that are dry clean only (unless that makes your life more convenient, it depends on the person).
  5. Functionality - For your more expensive garments, buy with longevity in mind and consider the functionality. If you are looking at an outdoor coat and you live in an area where it snows often, you may want to look for a coat that has a waterproof and breathable fabric such as Gortex and a coat that has all of it’s seams sealed. It should say on the tag, but if not, ask someone who works where you are shopping.


If you follow these tips and you properly care for your garments, you will save yourself money in the long run. Be strategic and buy smart.


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